Mission Statement
Inspired by the words of Abraham Lincoln…
“To care for him who shall have borne the battle
and for his widow, and his orphan”

Our Mission

  • Our organization carries forward Lincoln’s ideal, using technology,
    to efficiently disburse donations and support for those who provide
    Military Funeral Honors to our Newly Fallen Heroes.

  • With the Federal Governments budgetary constraints,
    it’s up to us to pull together and continue the tradition of Honoring
    those that literally dedicated their lives for us all.

    They went into harms way, risking life and limb for the concepts
    of an America based on Life, Liberty, Freedom and Honor.

    It is our DUTY to these most noble of Men and Women, that risked all…
    for people they didn’t even know, for a concept that America stands for…

    These Finest amongst us… understand.

  • We have been building out the Technology on our own
    and we are taking it even further with this Non-Profit,
    in order to coordinate the agencies that are not cohesive.

    We provide websites for existing groups and take the technology monkey off their back,
    making them more efficient as well.

    We are building e a repository for all related info, indexed for efficiency and ease of use.

  • Use of Funds:

    • We are building a National Organization by following our detailed step by step plan that will be responsible for disbursing funds to advance the goals of this National Organization.
    • Cost effectively build out a strong Advisory Board
    • Needs that we discover are being unfulfilled as brought to our attention by advisory board.
    • Recruitment of Corporate America as Supporters
    • We pick up the ball when the US Govt no longer can or will.
    • Staff to manage our Volunteers
    • Staff to manage our National Social Media Coordination
    • Online Video Training of the proper procedures

    • Certification of Individual Honor Guard Members
    • We will be using Certified Accounting Firms to monitor activity.
  • Our Non-Profit enables

    • All the local groups to raise money locally without all the complexity of managing a Non-Profit properly and effectively.
    • Building an official network of Funeral Homes and Directors
    • Recruitment of fresh Honor Guard Volunteers…
    • Locate replacements as many of our Nation’s Current Honor Guard Volunteers are older.
    • ROTC involvement
    • Compensate in a variety of ways, Stipends, Support, Survivors
    • Assist Surviving children, especially young that will need college educations, whenever possible.
  • We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

History and Documentation of USTaps

  • Website:                  www.ustaps.org

EIN #                       46-1773268

    NM Corp formed:  January 25, 2013

    Non-Profit Status:  New Mexico Corp ID #  4696514

    Federal Status:       Pre-IRS Form 1023
Banking Info:        

    Routing # 107006606     Account # 8095025955  Bank of Albuquerque

    PayPal Merch ID:  FALMAD2F69628

    USTaps.org DBA, of Non-Profit Corp name is A12SQ, Inc and is in good standing.

  • The Foundation Group provides services for IRS 501(c)(3), 501c3 tax exemption applications, starting a nonprofit, Form 990 and state/federal compliance. 
Headquartered in Nashville, TN, the Foundation Group is America’s oldest and most accomplished advisory, with a perfect success record:

    • Their 100% IRS success rate means USTaps.org / A12SQ, Inc will be 501(c)(3) approved
    • 17 years of experience that is trusted by attorneys and other professionals nationwide
    • Foundation Group has successfully guided over 12,000 nonprofits through the process.
    • Specifically providing:
    • Nonprofit Incorporation
    • Comprehensive Consultation
    • 501(c)(3) Application Preparation
    • 501(c)(3) application (Form 1023) Creation
    • IRS Representation
    • Guaranteed IRS Approval
    • Charitable Solicitations Registration
    • State Corporate Tax Exemption
    • On-Going Consultation
    • IRS Form 990 Preparation
    • State and federal 501(c)(3) compliance
    • Payroll
    • Board and governance issues
    • Pre-formation and program development issues
    • Budgeting
    • Fundraising compliance
    • Volunteer recruitment and management
    • Tax filing requirements
    • Almost any topic related to a 501(c)(3) or other tax-exempt entity
  • They are always available to us, in writing and on the phone, providing answers to each of our inquiries on the proper operation of USTaps. Foundation Group was Prepaid for an entire year to give us unlimited advice and guidance. While it is not guaranteed, it is common for clients of Foundation Group to get Pre-Screen Approval on IRS Form 1023 upon submission.

  • All Donations accepted will be given a receipt to be used in claiming amount as Tax Deductible.

    Details follow:
    Status of Federal Application:

    On August 16, 2013 all of our information had been compiled and was moved forward into Foundation Groups final technical writing production. 

    We were thanked for our diligence and attention to the details.

    Foundation Group (FG) wrote:
    “Your file will be reviewed once again to ensure 100% IRS compliance.  You will receive an email when that process is completed or if we need further information.”

    After the final review FG wrote:
    “We will target your work now to prepare the application documents,which, as has been discussed previously, will take several weeks in process. You will get emails from our site as we move through this process to keep you updated as to progress, or additional information needed it any, as technical writers move it forward to your consultant and our Senior Consultant for final review. If we do find that we need something further at any point, you will receive email communication to that effect.

    On August 23, 2013 Foundation Group (FG) wrote:

    1)   Your application is being submitted to grant exempt status under the Section 509(a) as well.

    2)   You can issue receipts to donors to acknowledge their contribution, but your receipts cannot state that you are a 501(c)(3) exempt organization until you have the determination letter in hand.  All donations will be deductible to those donors who qualify to take deductions on their taxes, but your corporation cannot state that it is exempt until you have the actual letter in hand.  The letter will be “effective as of the articles of incorporation date” and will have that date on the letter, so this is why donors will be able to consider their donations as being given to a public charity….  See Pub 557 page 6 for the IRS statements on retroactive status being granted.

    3)   Pres-Screen Approval is not an IRS document but rather is a behavior that we see at the IRS during their intake and prescreening of all applications.  Some get this initial pre-screen approval meaning they do not put your application into their inventory for further IRS review, but have sufficient details in the application to make an approval when they do their initial prescreen of the file.  This is not a conditional pre-screen approval, but will be in fact a true determination letter issued based on their initial prescreen of your application and decision that your qualify for exempt status.  There is no way to know if this will happen but it is something we see frequently with our clients.

    4)   You are submitting a Form 1023 (not a 990) and a filing fee of $850, and the IRS will ultimately issue you a determination letter awarding your exempt status.. but they do not issue another number for your corporation.

    Your EIN is your corporate ID for the corporation in the IRS system.  That EIN is currently noted as a corporation (non-exempt) and therefore the IRS expects you to file a corporate non-exempt tax return each year – Form 1120.  If a corporation is filing for exempt status, they will submit the Form 1023 application, and file Form 990 exempt tax returns for the EIN that is in the IRS system.  The IRS sets their system to expect the 990 tax returns instead of the 1120 tax returns based on their processing of your Form 1023 application for exempt status.

    At the federal IRS level,
    your corporation already exists as a corporation
    with an EIN number that will not change.

    You can begin business, accepting donations,
    contracting to do activities or undertake activities
    as you intend to do and donors will be able to take tax benefit
    as appropriate to their personal tax filings
    may allow for donations that they give to you.

          You can and should open a bank account using the EIN you have, to make deposits and pay expenses for the corporation.  Again, see Pub 557 page 6 for discussion about granting retroactive exempt status to the date of incorporation for donor benefits.  You can download the Pub 557 from the IRS website.




  • USTAPS.org has been working since January 2013 to create the strongest technology solution possible for the various volunteer Honor Guard Teams across this Nation, to empower them in ways that they cannot afford to do as small groups. We are also empowering them with donation management software solutions that plague even the largest VFW efforts… providing ways to rally their extended volunteer network to do good on the local level.

  • Beginning with Shared Servers and developing complete solutions, the team integrates and creates a variety of software tools that provide a complete solution.

  • To film for the purposes of promotion and donations — the 2013 New Mexico Honor Guard Conference on August 30, 2013 by Josetta Rodriguez and Commander Martinez of the Santa Fe New Mexico National Guard Armory, the coordinating body for the 31 all-volunteer Honor Guard Teams throughout the state.
NM Vet Website:  http://www.dvs.state.nm.us/military_burial.html

  • Superintendent, Honor Guard for Kirtland AFB, to be subject to final approval by USAF AFMC 377 ABW/PA (Public Affairs Office) for the purposes of: “being permitted to work with your Unit… to actually have greater filming options, with a higher degree of precision — interview team members as to what they feel the importance of Military Honors Funerals is and what it means to them personally and to film in a more controlled fashion, than will be afforded to us at the Annual Honor Guard Conference and Competition… filming the various drills that you practice. we will endeavor to produce something that will make each viewer, very proud of those that served and the importance of Duty, Honor and Country.”

  • Strongpoint Theinert Ranch – a facility where veterans and their families could meet to share, heal and find a way forward in the aftermath of war. Strongpoint is envisioned to be a secluded, 14,000-square-foot facility that can accommodate about 35 people for free, week long stays. They propose a ranch with 16 rooms, a staffed kitchen, dining room, exercise room, 24/7 emergency care, chapel, stables and outdoor gathering places.

  • 50,000 Watt 770AM radio station KKOB, Eric Strauss show, for an hour. This interview to be video recorded so that other radio stations around the country can also schedule interviews.

    We will prepare B-roll and Interviewer Guidelines…
    to provide the following 5,000 TV and Radio stations with our message.

    3,300 Television Stations
    1,700 Talk Radio Stations

    These lists are one time purchases and include: Names and email addresses of the General Managers, Program Directors, Sales Managers, Chief Engineers, News Directors, and the name of the company that owns the station.

  •  Videos were created at the:

    2013 New Mexico Honor Guard Conference
    Santa Fe National Guard Armory.

    Visit www.USTaps.org/blog and enjoy the videos of these fine men and women volunteers!

  • To provide the quickest response time… USTaps has upgraded to very powerful servers and very high bandwidth connections to the Internet.

  • Using direct deposit to the Non-Profit Account, donations are processed, receipts are automatically sent to Donors and Pledging Individuals and Companies are automatically tracked and processed

  • To best serve Veterans, USTaps site becomes beautiful as well as functional.

  • Many workplaces have individuals that are Veterans. The USTaps website now supports them in their effort to securely “pass the hat” among co-workers, clients and customers